Due to the recent needs it has been decided that every member of CERN Bujinkan Club will have to economically contribute to it.

The first class is for free

After that, the amount of the contribution will be computed as follows:

10CHF/class for punctual classes (receipt will be required before the class start)

Or 20CHF/month

Or 200CHF/complete year

- 10CHF/year for Staff Association members.

It will be paid to the club bank account. This is the only payment method accepted: no credit cards, no cash. Please note paying cash in the bank counter has a cost that will have to be covered by the member causing it.

This contribution will have to be fulfilled before 10 working days after joining the club for future new members and will be prorated from the moment of joining to the following September.

Subsequent yearly contributions will be made before the end of September each coming year.

Proof of payment must be sent by email to the responsible of the club section.

There is a policy of only accepting one transaction per year to keep the management of the club reasonable. Exceptions are subject to the responsible person’s criteria. Extra costs may apply.

All members must understand this payment is intended to cover the expenses of the club, mainly in terms of material (but not limited to it.) Material bought with this contribution belongs exclusively to the club.

All club members understand the instructor is not paid and thus no liability or refund is accepted for cancelled classes.

Refunds will only be accepted exceptionally under justified conditions and at the discretion of the responsible person.


These rules will be reviewed yearly in the martial arts club general assembly or after a request of the majority of the club members.

Any change in these rules will be notified in the club’s official web page one month before being effective.


Members not observing these rules will have to leave the organization.